From Island to Mainland

For seven years now, Eva Bobiles and her family has been receiving the benefits of sponsorship. Her three children - Jeric, Lovely, and Noeme - are all sponsored. She has four more children, but they are not sponsored. If anyone would ask for a living testament of the help that Children International gives, Eva would never hesitate to stand up and present her family as evidence.

"How could I, a laundry woman, and my husband, a fisherman, ever manage to raise seven children?" she asks rhetorically. Indeed, there is a mystery as to how she and her husband make all ends meet every day. "It’s really impossible for a family of nine members to live by a 1,500-peso income (35 US dollars) a month," she says. And if you ever happen to visit them in their newly constructed house, you would be puzzled even more as to how they could have afforded the concrete walls, the tiled floors, the iron sheet roof, and the basic home furnishings.

"It seems that all of these are miracles," Eva says as she points her finger at practically everything around the house. She smiles, and at the same time, tears started to form in her eyes. "For us who have almost nothing, the gifts from sponsors are truly a miracle." She let the tears flow through her cheeks.

Eva and her family were from the island of San Miguel. For as long as she can remember, they had been living there ever since. "It’s a beautiful island, but life is really hard for the people there," she recounts. Now, her family’s sponsor has provided them with a house and lot in the mainland, away at last from the economically depressed island.

"We still miss the island of San Miguel. We had already grown our roots there. It’s really sad leaving the place that you had considered as your own. But I know that we have more opportunities to improve our lives here in the mainland. A lot of thanks to our sponsor," she says as her tears show sign of drying.

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