Success Stories

Success Stories feature life-changing experiences of Children International’s program beneficiaries.

Education Program

A Look Back in the Life of a Sponsored Youth

Ace Kevin Amarga, 20, is one the sponsored youth who thanks the sponsorship program for the significant things that happened in his life. As a graduate of the sponsorship program, he clearly remembers the valuable experiences that he had.

Patching the old rip of lose and poverty

Along the narrow alley that leads to Carmen’s house, the mechanical rattling of a sewing machine faintly echoes like the sound of continuous rain dripping onto an empty can. At the first turn toward left, an old and creaking wooden board leans on the edge of the concrete alley. This saves your feet from the shallow waterway that has become a mixture of mud and trash. Suddenly, a dog begins to bark furiously and you back away a little, ready to run if the dog shows up. You do not notice that the rattling from the sewing machine has already stopped.

Youth Empowerment

Youth Council’s impact in a young leader’s heart

Leslie Mae Apuli, 19, was recruited in the sponsorship program at the age of 5. Recalling her childhood life, she clearly remembers the time when her family has to move from one place to another due to the nature of work of her father as a soldier.

Product Donation

From Island to Mainland

For seven years now, Eva Bobiles and her family has been receiving the benefits of sponsorship. Her three children - Jeric, Lovely, and Noeme - are all sponsored. She has four more children, but they are not sponsored. If anyone would ask for a living testament of the help that Children International gives, Eva would never hesitate to stand up and present her family as evidence.