Youth Empowerment

We design tools that help sponsored youth ages 12 to 19 make informed decisions and to better themselves, their families and communities. Children International's youth programs are designed to give the youth positive choices.

We are implementing the following programs:

  • Into Employment – This program offers training in a variety of employable skills based on local trades that are in demand - information technology, hospitality, secretarial training, mobile phone services and repair, etc. Other skills being developed include effective written and verbal communication, financial literacy, computer literacy, customer service and other required skills by industry partners offering to help prepare youth for the workplace.
  • Aflatoun - In partnership with Aflatoun (Child Savings International), we organize neighborhood and school-based clubs that encourage saving and implementing their own social and economic enterprises.
  • HOPE – Helping Overcome Poverty through Education scholarships give students who wish to continue their academic career a chance to attend university or trade school.
  • YHC (Youth Health Corps) – We train sponsored youth to become peer educators. These impassioned young teachers share their knowledge about sanitation, hygiene, reproductive health and AIDS with other youth.
  • Game On! – Children International has partnered with the International Alliance for Youth Sports (IAYS) to implement a community sports program for young people. Game On! combines regular sports activities with life skills education, thereby building self-esteem and learning skills and values, such as goal setting, teamwork, responsibility, conflict resolution; respecting authority figures and other qualities that promote good citizenship and build strong communities.
  • Youth Report Card – This report includes results of an annual survey we give to sponsored youth graduating from our program
  • Youth Empowerment Fund – This fund is used exclusively for development activities and community projects led by the youth. It is designed to encourage young people to become positive agents of change in their communities.


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