Product Donation

One project has the power to change many lives. Often, the best way to impact a poor child's life is to better the entire community where the child lives. Generous donations have made real and tangible improvements in the lives of sponsored children and their community. These projects include clean water sources, medical and dental clinics, micro-enterprise support, community centers and playgrounds.

We have also been making arrangements for the following donations:

  • Books – More than 3.5 million books reached 60 provinces, 315 municipalities and 62 cities around the country, representing 6,452 public elementary schools, 1,668 high schools, 27 government-funded colleges and universities, 614 public libraries, 866 public reading centers and 13 non-government organizations (NGOs).
  • Medical Supplies – Much-needed supplies have been provided to 9 regions, 22 municipalities, 11 cities and 52 hospitals nationwide.
  • Mixed Commodities - These have benefited 10 regions, 17 municipalities and 15 cities nationwide.

Success Stories:

  1. From Island to Mainland

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